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  • Our company relies on Main Technologies and their 24/7 response time for any emergency relating to machining services to help us keep our production schedules.
    - MS
  • Main's on time delivery, quality and pricing elimates our need to carry unnecessary inventory enabling us to keep our inventory costs down.
    - AM
  • Their knowledge of our product lines and suggestions on how or where to improve them has created a better and more economical products for our company.
    - JL
  • We do not have an engineering department and their ability to produce a part without a drawing is a great asset to us.
    - SN
  • Quality, service and cost a great company to do business with for either one piece or a complete system.
    - JR
  • Thank you very much for making the changes we discussed this morning as well! You truly are AWESOME!! I was able to get out the package to all three factories and they will be there for Ron's visit!
    - Gina, Topps
  • Thanks a million for the superior effort you extended to Topps this week. We are going to Asia for some very important tests, and the candy samples that we sent, for them to create molds of their own, melted during the holdover for the May Day holiday there. The crash program we gave you coincided with the work Fred needed at the same time for other very important market research test data, and Gina's equipment was important to coincide with production starting at Enburg. Your service was fantastic! We really appreciate the extra effort you and your people put into these projects. Thanks a million.
    - Ron, Topps


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